Australian Pacing

Australian Pacing

There is a massive number of pacing events in Australia available to punters nowadays through online bookmakers. With little more than the click of a mouse Australians can have access to hundreds of races taking place at many of the country’s most popular racecourses. With so many excellent racing clubs hosting pacing events throughout the season, there are more than enough opportunities online for Aussie punters and racing fans.

Gloucester Park

One of the most popular harness racing tracks in Australia hosting regular pacing events organized by the Western Australian Trotting Association is Gloucester Park racecourse. The course is located in Perth, Western Australia and holds regular race meetings on Friday nights as well as many popular special events such as the Inter Dominion Championship held annually in February. However, by far the most popular event among Aussie punters online held at Gloucester Park is the Australian Pacing Championship, which regularly attracts many of Australia’s top ranked pacers. This is one of the premier races in the Western Australia pacing market and is definite must see for all avid Australian racing fans online. Some of the more noteworthy winners in past years include Washakie over 2130 metres with a rate of 1:57.4 in 2009, DARTMOOR over 2130 metres with a rate of 1:57.3 in 2008, SHARDONS AFLYIN over 2130 metres with a rate of 1:57.4 in 2007, and LOOKSLIKELIGHTNING over 2143 metres with a rate of 1:57.7 in 2006.

Globe Derby Park

An extremely popular venue for many of the pacing events hosted by the South Australian Harness Racing Club is Globe Derby Park in South Australia. With over tons of regular meetings all year round and many top notch special events, this is one venue that all Aussie punters interested in pacing events should keep an eye out for. The track itself is a total of 845.50 metres in circumference with a home straight of 150.90 metres and track surface made of crushed granite. The course runs anti-clockwise and accommodates races at 1800 metres, 2230 metres, and 2645 metres. There have been many fan favourite and successful pacers racing in pacing events hosted by the Australian Harness Racing Club over the years. Some of the horses to set track records at Globe Derby include BE GOOD JOHNNY over 1800 metres on 03 Jan 2007 with a mile rate of 1:54.7, FRANCO HEIR NZ over 2230 metres on 06 Jan 2007 with a mile rate of 1:56.4, COURAGE UNDER FIRE NZ over 2645 metres on 13 Jan 2001 with a mile rate of 1:56.9, and TOPPIE OTARA over 1800 metres on 16 Aug 2008 with a mile rate of 2:02.6.

There are many special events being hosted at Globe Derby Park each year including a number of both pacing and trotting events throughout the year round racing season. For instance, in January the club hosts the Summer Carnival and in June the popular Trotters Carnival. In March the ?adies Night?race meeting is held followed by Media Cup Night in May. Finally, July sees the running of the Southern Cross Finals for two and three year olds. These are definitely musts for all Aussie punters interested in the pacing events hosted by the Australian Harness Racing Club.

Devonport Harness Racing Club

Devonport Harness Racing Club is another venue hosting a ton of great pacing events throughout the season, which typically lasts from October to July. There are many regular meetings on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays that attract thousands of Aussie punters through online bookmakers. The track surface is made of crushed granite and has a circumference of 735 metres with a home straight of 110 metres and radius of turns equaling 83 metres. The track runs anti-clockwise and can accommodate pacing events at 1930, 2286, 2297, 2645, 2665, and 3020 metres. Some of the noteworthy pacers competing at the Devonport Harness Racing Club’s pacing events include track record holders DAVID MACE over 1910 metres on 18 May 2003 with a mile rate of 2:00.7, REGROWTH over 1910 metres on 26 Oct 2003 with a mile rate of 2:00.7, and STRIBESMAN NZ over 1910 metres on 28 Mar 2004 with a mile rate of 2:00.7. There are also several special events held over the course of the season that attract many punters include the $20,000 City of Quality, the Tasmanian Harness Racing Carnival, and the $20,000 Mares Discretionary all held in December. In March the club will host the running of the Devonport Cup and in April the Raider Stakes Finals and Granny Smith Finals. These are events that Aussie punters interested in pacing meetings will certainly not want to miss during the 2010 season.

Australian punters and racing fans searching for quality pacing events held within the country are definitely in luck. This is mainly due to the number of excellent online wagering venues providing superior betting options and odds for a massive amount of top-notch events taking place each year. Gloucester Park, for instance, has been a great option for punters online with the annual Australian Pacing Championship being one of the premier events in the region. However, other venues have been getting a ton of attention as well such as Globe Derby Park hosting the annual Summer Carnival in January. The Devonport Harness Racing Club will also be quite an attractive option for many punters during the upcoming season with a number of regular race meetings and special events such as the Raider Stakes and Granny Smith Finals in April.