Cocky Aussie Calls Himself the 2011 Inter Dominion Favourite

Cocky Aussie Calls Himself the 2011 Inter Dominion Favourite

A civil war has broken out in New Zealand but it is Australians who are fighting, trying to claim the 2011 Inter Dominion championship.

Lance Justice declared war on his fellow countrymen  in his quest for a piece of the $800,000 prize on offer.

People aren’t shrugging off his statements either with Justice all but assured of taking the early lead in the final with his intimidating mount Smoken Up.

Themightyquinn is the quickest horse in the race but the West Australian doesn’t ahve the barrier or the early speed to take up the running early.

Early speed is something Smoken Up isn’t short on and with ¬†Justice driving it will be aggressive form the word go.

Justice didn’t stop with his verbal crusade either, instead changing his attack to Blacks A Fake which will be the other horse at the eha dof the field.

“I think I can sit outside Blacks A Fake and beat him, in fact I am sure of it,” Justice said.

“I sat outside him in the Miracle Mile and beat him and my horse is going three lengths better now, while I think Natalie’s horse isn’t quite as sharp.

“Don’t get me wrong, we all know Blackie is a champ and if I have to get beat I won’t mind it being by him but I just can’t see it happening.

“I’m not really worried about him at all.”

Despite the bravado, Justice does have the runs on the board with his times this series certainly proving his point.

Blacks A Fake is proven on the big stage though so Smoken Up will need to show a confidence similar to his driver on race night.

He’s even less forgiving for former grand final winner Mr Feelgood, barely acknowledging him as a starter.

“He has never run past me and I don’t think he can do it this week. So I am not worried about him much either.

“If I can sit outside Blacks A Fake and control the speed the question is how close can Themightyquinn get before we have to get going?

“That’s the race as I see it but quite simply my horse has never been better or handled a track better so we are the horse to beat, I’ve got no doubt about that.”