Battle of the Claimers Results

Battle of the Claimers Results

There was plenty of harness racing over the weekend as the best in the pacing world took to the tracks for the start of a new season. Though, one of the biggest, most anticipated races had to be The Battle of the Claimers held at Tabcorp Park on Friday night. While plenty of potential owners were there to check out the competition, the trainers, drivers, and horses were prepared to compete in some high stakes competition.

The Battle of the Claimers kicked off with the first heat being the first on the night’s card. It was somewhat of a surprising finish as Palomine finished in the top position. This is fantastic news for punters who chose the bay gelding as he paid out at 5.40 odds. Race favourite Our Sand Fly didn’t fare too badly, finishing in a close third place just 3.10 off the race leader. Ticket Time took second.

Plenty were expecting Anvils Revival to take the win, though the New Zealand horse had a very disappointing run. He finished in 11th position.

Battle of the Claimers Heat 1 Results:

Place Horse Prize Money Row & Br Trainer Driver Margin
1 Palomine NZ $5,400 Sr5 BA Lilley G Lang
2 Ticket Time $1,200 Sr1 JM Mifsud PJ Walters 1.60
3 Our Sand Fly NZ $800 Fr2 GF Douglas DK Douglas 3.10
4 Just Stay N Alive NZ $400 Fr1 A Xiriha A Xiriha 6.90
5 Vintage Direct $200 Sr6 JA Cavallaro TJ Dyer 7.80
6 Indi Gloves Fr5 MJ Miles L Miles 11.40
7 Jefferson NZ Sr4 MA Laugher GR Sugars 12.00
8 Spider Nelson Sr3 MG Gath MG Gath 12.20
9 Lombo Limmo Fr6 TE Pullicino JJ Caldow 13.80
10 Hot Night In Paris NZ Sr2 JD Justice JD Justice 17.00
11 Anvils Revival NZ Fr4 AA Barber BR Gath 18.40
12 Farouk Fr3 DA Riseley DP Barbetti 23.70

The second heat in The Battle of the Claimers was another shocking finish. There were six major contenders going into this harness race, but only one managed to live up to the hype. Miami Rocket – a 3.20 favourite, crossed the line in first place to take the top prize of $5,400. The DK Douglas-driven gelding started the race three wide. He moved up to the outside leader before overtaking the field in the final moments of the race.

Upward Ever Upward was the only other top contender that placed in this qualifying heat. The BK Woodhouse-trained gelding finished in third position, 7.80m off the race leader and right behind second place finisher The Timely Trader. Flying Class, Way Up High, and Awesome Alto were all expected to do well in this field but finished fifth, seventh, and ninth respectively.

The Battle of the Claimers Heat 2 Results:

Place Horse Prize Money Row & Br Trainer Driver Margin
1 Miami Rocket NZ $5,400 Fr6 GF Douglas DK Douglas
2 The Timely Trader NZ $1,200 Fr3 A Spiteri NA McCallum 6.30
3 Upward Ever Upward $800 Sr5 BK Woodhouse SW Dyer 7.80
4 Hitemup $400 Fr2 DP Barbetti DP Barbetti 12.30
5 Flying Class NZ $200 Fr4 J Borg DR Wilson 12.80
6 Mister Douglas Sr2 JD Taylor G Lang 16.50
7 Way Up High Fr5 TE Pullicino BR Gath 18.80
8 Just Make Our Deigh NZ Sr4 TE Pullicino MJ Bellman 20.70
9 Awesome Alto Sr1 ABJ Dunsmuir JJ Caldow 22.00
10 Class Mate Fr1 MJ Watt JL King 24.80
11 The Last Dance Sr3 GD Hoban CD Hoban 31.70

It seems it was a night for surprises as heat three produced another unlikely winner. Jay Bee Aitch and Dhoni were expected to do well, though neither managed to place in the top three. The former fared the best, finishing in fourth and 10.20m off the race leader. Punters who backed race favourite Dhoni were most certainly disappointed with the horses sixth place finish.

Dark Duncan surprised harness racing fans by crossing the line first. The DK Douglas-driven gelding had fantastic gate speed and led at the bell. He finished with a very convincing 8.10m over the second place finisher. Altivo and Brulea Charlie (another favourite going into the race) rounded out the top three.

The Battle of the Claimers Heat 3 Results:

Place Horse Prize Money Row & Br Trainer Driver Margin
1 Dark Duncan NZ $5,400 Fr6 GF Douglas DK Douglas
2 Altivo $1,200 Fr4 L Miles L Miles 8.10
3 Brulea Charlie $800 Sr4 DF Braun GR Sugars 8.30
4 Jay Bee Aitch $400 Fr3 JM Mifsud PJ Walters 10.20
5 Cam Rouge $200 Fr5 JE Davies NR Jack 10.50
6 Dhoni Sr2 PW Tonkin G Lang 13.40
7 Twickenham Sr6 R Cartwright CA Turnbull 14.60
8 Blachford Sr1 TA Croton MJ Bellman 15.40
9 Blak Washout NZ Sr5 TE Pullicino JJ Caldow 15.60
10 Village In Vesa Sr3 MG Gath MG Gath 16.80
11 Mister Chequebook NZ Fr1 ML Hutton ML Hutton 18.20
12 The Urban Legend NZ Fr2 A Xiriha A Xiriha 30.00

Don’t forget that the first four finishers in these qualifying heats will be going on to appear in The Battle of the Claimers Final event. It will be held at Tabcorp Park on September 9, so stay tuned for a full preview of the race. Plus, you can check out all the results and odds on pacing events throughout Australia at